Spine Center

Nowadays more and more people are suffering from disorders of the locomotor system, due to wrong movements on the one hand, too little exercise on the other. There are also factors such as poor diet, prolonged stress, mental stress, hereditary conditions or ailments such as tumors or osteoporosis.

These disorders may lead to spinal problems, among other things, which can manifest themselves through symptoms such as back pain (lumbago), radiating arm (brachialgia) or leg pain (sciatica), numbness (hypoesthesia), all the way to paralysis (paresis).

In such cases our spine center provides swift and professional help. After detailed analysis of possible causes of pain, an optimally tuned, multimodal treatment concept is developed for each individual patient. This is based on a strategy employing several stages ranging from conservative treatment such as infusion, infiltration, chiropractic, therapeutic gymnastics, to specific blockages all the way to minimally invasive surgery, implantation of artificial discs or stabilization.

Spinal surgery will be avoided whenever possible. However, in case of paralysis or continued (refractory) pain a surgical invasion surgery may prove necessary.

Spince center – range of services

  • precise analysis of spine problems
  • outpatient and inpatient interventional pain therapy
  • chiropractic
  • specialized pain therapy through nerve and joint blocks
  • nucleoplasty in the event of bulging or slipped discs
  • minimally invasive spinal surgery employing the buttonhole technique
  • microscopic surgery in the event of spinal canal stenosis
  • straightening and cementing with osteoporotic vertebrae fractures
  • implantation of artificial discs in cervical and lumbar spine
  • minimally invasive and open stabilization surgery with spondylolisthesis (vertebral slippage)
  • peripheral nerve surgery (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • prophylaxis to prevent damage of the spine

Free consultations with our spine specialist
Helmut Maier, M.D., every Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM,

as a special service courtesy of Wehrle-Diakonissen Private Hospital, location Andräviertel.

Would you like to quickly and effectively speak about your symptoms with our spine specialist Helmut Maier? We encourage you to take advantage of this free service and call our office for an individual appointment.

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