Welcome to Salzburg City Center

A holistic view of man is our recipe for success as well as our trademark. In addition to interdisciplinary and multi-professional medicine at the highest level, the hospital's romantic, elegant ambience and friendly atmosphere provide the best conditions for a speedy recovery.

As an attending doctor hospital in the heart of Salzburg, we offer you the possibility to seek in-patient treatment from the doctor of your choice at our facility. The free choice of doctors is one of the reasons why patients are comfortable with us. The entire team at the clinic strives to structure your stay according to your individual needs and wishes: Doctors, nursing staff, physiotherapists, dieticians, wound care and incontinence experts, aromatherapists, as well as psychotherapists and many others.

They all live by a holistic philosophy and help you as a patient experience our guiding concept brought to bear. The individual needs of our patients determine our services and their satisfaction is our benchmark. The medical competence, commitment, comfort and the quality of our facility and its employees are our offer for your health.

At the location Andräviertel we focus on: internal medicine in particular cardiology including a heart catheter laboratory and vascular medicine, general surgery and vascular surgery, minimally invasive and open abdominal surgery, orthopedics including an own spine center, ophthalmology and gynecology.

At the Wehrle-Diakonissen private clinic your health is close to our heart!